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Tanjungpinang Pawnshop Employee was arrested by the police


SURYAKEPRI.COM – Tanjunpinang Police Criminal Investigation Unit arrested a pawnshop employee with the initials FF (31), Tuesday (3/8/2019).

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FF was arrested for intimate relations with a vocational high school student who was apprenticed at his workplace

“We have indeed arrested and detained a pawnshop employee in connection with an immoral case,” said Tanjungpinang Criminal and Police Investigation Unit Chief Efendri Alie at Tanjungpinang Police Headquarters, Tuesday (3/8/2019).

Arrest FF based on the victim’s parents report on August 23, 2019, ago. Where the victim’s parents know the perpetrator’s actions towards his child

“When he learned of FF’s actions, his parents immediately reported to the police,” said Alie.

There is also a chronology of events that begin when victims are apprenticed to the perpetrator’s workplace.

After intense communication between the victim and the perpetrator, the perpetrator then invited the victim to an inn in Tanjungpinang.

“In this inn, the perpetrators screwed the victim, like a husband and wife relationship, it turns out it has been twice,” said Alie.

after completing the relationship, the perpetrator gave two hundred thousand rupiah cash to the victim

“What is clear is that the perpetrators have been detained for further investigation,” concluded Alie.

Perpetrators can be subject to threats of a minimum of 5 years and a maximum of 15 years in prison. (MBA)