Doctor Suggests Baby Diego Change Heart, Father: I Expect God’s Miracle

KARIMUN, SURYAKEPRI.COM – Diego Gyrie Alvino, a baby with a large stomach in Karimun, was advised by a doctor for a liver change operation.

That’s after doctors diagnosed Diego with damage to the liver (liver).

Liver damage, causing Diego’s stomach suddenly enlarged like a ball.

“There have been two doctors at who suggested that our baby undergo a liver change operation. He said his liver was damaged and had to be replaced. As a result of the damage, his stomach was enlarged,” Sugimin (30) Diego Gyrie Alvino’s father told, Saturday (10/19) / 2019).

Hearing the doctor’s advice, Sugimin and his wife Sri Jayanti (25), were shocked.

Imagine in their minds, the baby who was still red had to undergo a serious operation.

Sugimin and Sri Jayanti were worried that the operation would not provide a guarantee of recovery for Diego.